Three Must-Have Qualities Of A Great Toowoomba Chiropractic Clinic


It is essential to find a chiropractic clinic that has the qualities you are looking for. Quality care, good communication, and convenience are all factors in determining a great chiropractic clinic.

If your goal is to get back on track as quickly as possible, it helps to have someone who understands what you need and can work with you closely. The best clinics are those where the doctor communicates well with their patients about why they need treatment or when they should come back for another appointment. You want a clinic where everyone has the same goals: getting you better.

So, if you are looking for the best chiropractic clinic in Toowoomba, these are the three most important qualities to consider:

  • The initial consultation and exam – The initial consultation and exam are a necessary part of treatment. Consider the entire process – the process should be intensive, not leaving out any details. Beyond that, the environment should be welcoming. Most clinics will post the various activities they do on the wall or a stand. You might also see lots of pictures relating to chiropractic exams.
  • Asking for the right things – The best chiropractic clinic will expect you to come prepared for your consultation. Your preparations should consist of a complete list of your current symptoms, a list of any medication you have been taking and your previous medical history. If you experience pain, then you should also state the frequency and level of pain. This saves time during the initial consultation and exam. A good session lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Thorough examination – A good chiropractor performs a thorough chiropractic exam on initial visits. This includes checking muscle tones, range of motion on affected body parts, neurological integrity, and muscle strength. A chiropractor may recommend beginning chiropractic treatment after the exam

Treatment options

There are several different chiropractic treatments offered at Toowoomba chiropractic clinics. However, chiropractors tailor the treatment to the needs of the patients. So it may include adjusting specific vertebrae to relieve pressure on joints or nerves, muscle therapy for spasms, or acupuncture.

The important thing is to check the types of treatments that that particular chiropractic clinic offers at the moment. Most clinics specialize in spinal manipulation for neck and back treatment. Nevertheless, chiropractic doctors perform thorough neurological and physical examinations of their patients to determine the root cause of the problems.

The best chiropractic clinic should offer what you need. However, a wide range of therapies is a show of commitment. Standard therapies include therapeutic stretches, therapeutic exercise, soft tissue manual therapy, muscle stimulation, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, Ice and Heat Therapy,  spinal traction, and ultrasound.

Above all, offering comprehensive lifestyle modification counselling is vital.

Chiropractor Qualification

A qualified chiropractor has completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and thus, has met the requirements. But they need two additional years of clinical training before passing exams from both entities that certify them with the state licensing board. Chiropractors are then eligible for licensing. Licensed chiropractors may provide services subject only to medical malpractice liability insurance coverage.

The chiropractic profession uses its knowledge to relieve pain, adjust bone alignment, improve physical function/well-being, or manage neuromuscular disorders like headaches.

Knowing that a chiropractor is qualified gives you peace because you are in the right hands. But experience is significant in handling specific injuries. Therefore, considering the knowledge of the chiropractor handling your case might help you receive better treatment. Contact the friendly chiropractors at Pellow Family Chiropractic to help you.


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