The Benefits Of Using Double Electric Breast Pumps


If you are a new mom, you will agree that new moms are very busy, and they seem to be occupied all the time. For this reason, any breastfeeding mother needs to look for ways to help you save time so that you can attend to all the duties you have. In case you know that at some point, you will not have all the time you need to breastfeed your baby, you need to look for alternative ways to feed your child. This is what makes using breast pumps an excellent option for you. When it comes to using breast pumps, there are so many choices for you. You can either use manual or electric breast pumps or even double or single breast pumps. The option you make depends on the breast pumps that make things easier for you.

What is this breast pump?

Double electric pumps are automatic breast pumps that allow you to pump both breasts simultaneously.  Most people know of the single breast pump, which enables you to pump milk from one breast at a time. However, with the advancement of products in the market, double breast pumps have been invented. Double pumping has made pumping milk even more accessible and faster, and this is why more and more mothers are investing in a double electric breast pump.

The benefits of using double electric breast pumps

As mentioned earlier, there are several options when it comes to buying a breast pump.  However, there are reasons why mothers are investing in double breast pumps.  If you have not used these breast pumps, you may not know why. If you get to talk to anyone who has used double breast pumps, they will tell you the many benefits they offer to the users. If you have not yet decided whether you should buy a double breast pump or a single breast pump, the following are some of the benefits that may help you make up your mind.

  • It helps in saving time

Imagine you have to wake up and do several house chores, then leave for work, but you have to ensure that your kid has enough milk during the day.  You may not get enough time to do all your chores and even express adequate milk when using a single breast pump. However, with the double breast pump, double pumping ensures that you pump milk from your breasts simultaneously, which means that you will spend less time expressing milk. This ensures that you have ample time to do all you need to do and get to where you should be in time.

  • Increases the output of milk

Double pumping is also efficient when it comes to generating milk output. When you compare your milk output when using a single and double electric breast pump, you will learn that double pumping results in more milk. This ensures that your breasts are well-drained, which is essential for increasing and maintaining your milk supply.

  • It produces more milk ejection

The other thing that makes double breast pumps an option for many mothers is that it provides additional milk ejection. This is another reason that leads to more milk volume with mothers who use double pumping to express their milk.

  • It helps in producing milk with a high level of energy content

Using electric double breast pumps while on the go ensures that the milk in the breasts is drained effectively. In the process of draining the breasts, the pumps can obtain not only more milk but also milk with higher energy or fat content. Milk with higher energy content is essential for preterm babies.


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