Removal of ingrown toenails


Do you suffer from ingrown toenails? The pain can be debilitating enough to lower your productivity and even cause you to sit down at intervals. An ingrown toenail often occurs on the big toe. It is a nail which grows into the skin and can cause pain and redness. Constant pressure can cause infections. Often these infections also need to be treated with the help of antibiotics. An ingrown toenail is caused by shoes which do not fit properly or improper nail cutting.

Treatment of ingrown toenails at a podiatry clinic

Usually a minor case of an ingrown toenail doesn’t require a great deal of preparation. It simply needs an office procedure which can provide immediate relief and solve the problem. If the case is too severe it might require surgery known as partial nail avulsion. It is normally performed on the sides of the ingrown toenail only. Since it is a surgery it is usually performed under local anesthetic and in sterile conditions and doesn’t cause a great deal of pain.

During surgery the podiatrist would remove the part of the toenail which is embedded into the nail bed. However there are times when the nail is completely destroyed and they might have to reach to the root of the toenail and therefore remove the complete nail bed. The surgery is not painful but it does require a follow up appointment. It is essential for the podiatrist to see whether the healing is taking place or not. You may need to visit the podiatry clinic at least twice or thrice.

Tips for avoiding ingrown toenails

  • When you cut your nails the proper way you can easily avoid ingrown toenails. One way of preventing these is to cut the toenails straight across even if you are getting your nails done at a salon make sure that you tell your pedicurist to trim the nails as straight as possible. Also if you are suffering from diabetes it is best that you handle the nail cutting and everything else on your own. It is also essential that you visited podiatry clinic on a regular basis.
  • Keep the toenails a moderate length. It is essential that the toenails should be even with the tips of your toes. Trimming these too short my cause the pressure from the shoes to press on the nail and cause it to grow into the tissue.
  • Wear proper fitting shoes. If you wear shoes which are too tight on your feet you can cause the nail to be pressed into the nail bed and grow into the surrounding tissue. This can also lead to severe infections when not treated at the right time. People who suffer from nerve damage and often do not have an idea whether the shoes are too tight fitting. It is important that the take care when buying the shoes and see that whether they fit properly.

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