How to become a dietician

HOW TO BECOME A DIETIST – To become a professional in the field of food science , there are two main routes. A road is the one that passes through the achievement of a three-year degree in biology, biotechnology or diet, and then follow a two-year specialization in human nutrition sciences . The course is limited and is usually organized by the faculties of medicine and surgery. It is not easy to access the degree program to become a dietician.

How to become a dietician

Here is a testimony read on a forum : “I have done the test at La Sapienza: there are very few places (there were 15) so you have to be very lucky and have extensive knowledge to pass the test … I come from 2 years of biology I did it very well because I knew all the scientific questions, but they were difficult, that is at university level, at least those of chemistry and biology.The questions of general history / culture are very difficult and ultra-specific “. Traineeship in a hospital ward is often already foreseen in the three years of university.

An alternative is to graduate first in medicine , biology, pharmacy or chemistry and then enroll in a postgraduate course in food science. The course lasts 4 years, has a limited number and is always present in many faculties of medicine and surgery.

DIETIST: WHERE TO FIND WORK – It is difficult, after graduation, to immediately find a job for “food science professionals”. Browsing the web looking for information, it is really surprising the number of testimonies of dieticians / and nutritionists / and graduates who, despite the qualification achieved with the vote of 110 and honors, can not find a job. The problem is however common to many other trades, so if this is your passion, do not lose heart.

For information contact the Association of Italian Nutrition Biologists , the Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition or the National Association of Food Science Specialists .