Dressing Trolleys


Have you ever wondered how it would be if there were no dressing trolleys in our hospitals? Well, it could be very hectic for many Australian doctors and nurses and perhaps could be delaying the entire process of treating the patients. Dressing trolleys are some of the most important tools in the hospital that can make work easier and keep dressing equipment more organised.

Although the world health organisation may have the recommended types of dressing trolleys, not all hospitals in Australia can access them from these global health bodies. That’s why they have their procurement department to make the purchases on their behalf. So what are some of the dressing trolleys specifications and factors to look out for?

Well, in this article, we are going to take you through the entire process that will help you get the right dressing trolleys for your hospitals. So let’s dive in and get started on this journey.

Things to Check in a Dressing Trolley

1. The number of trays

You will need to know the number of trays that your dressing trolley is coming with to match your needs and your patients’ needs. Most of the common trolleys usually come with 2-3 trays, but others have more than that. This is a major factor you need to consider before getting into the market to buy the dressing trolley.

2. Flexibility

This is another major factor that you should not ignore. The nurses will keep pushing this trolley from one patient to another or from one theatre room to another. So the flexibility here will involve having wheels and removable trays. Removable trays are great in helping you carry the instruments even in huge amounts

3. Type of wheels

You must ensure that it has caster wheels, wheel bearing, and caster brake. The caster brake must have a total-lock model. The caster wheels should be a non-hooded and mold-on model, making it easier for you to maintain. The swivel and ball-bearing enable the wheel to turn in different directions without any difficulties.

4. The material

Since this is something that will be used daily, you need to ensure that you have the right material that is appealing to the patient and everyone in the hospital. Most of the dressing trolleys are made of non-corrosive material and surfaces that keep them shining all through and in perfect condition. Stainless steel is the material that is being used.

5. Design

Just like other pieces of equipment in the market, dressing trolleys come in diverse designs. Some come with removable trays, while others come with easy-to-fix trays and fixed trays. Most of the shelves have functional guards and rails for easy removal. Some other advanced dressing trolleys have doors hence keeping what is carried privately.

6. Durability

You don’t need to keep going into the market for the purchase of the dressing trolleys. This is where you need to check at the trolley’s durability, which is usually determined by the material used in making them. A good trolley from a renowned brand can last for over five years, which is dependent on the type of activity that it is involved in.

7. Cost

How much is the dressing trolley? They should not be overpriced. However, that will depend on the material and design of the trolley.

Getting the right dressing trolley in Australia is no longer a hustle; you can consider the above factors to get the best.


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