Coolsculpting in Gold Coast


Coolsculpting in Gold Coast is focused on helping clients who are just not seeing results in some areas of the body, no matter how hard they try to lose weight. There is an answer to getting rid of those stubborn fat cells that diets just don’t touch through non-evasive, fat freezing method for a better body.

Working out without results is defeating

Hard work in the gym combined with a fantastic diet is excellent, but sometimes that pesky fat just won’t cooperate. Visible and bulging fat can be depressing, so we have a remedy for those hard-working people who just aren’t getting results. The first step is to consult with a doctor or trained technician about the process of Coolsculpting technology.

Investigate the possibilities available

In the first consultation, there are specific objectives that will be examined before starting the CoolSculpting procedure:

  • Assess specific goals
  • Audit the methods that have been tried so far
  • Observe current lifestyle habits

The facts about fat cells

A child is born with the same number of fat cells that will ever be in the body. The difference between being overweight and at a healthy weight is simply defined by the size of the fat cell. Someone who is overweight has bigger fat cells. As weight is lost, the fat cells shrink, and people are often satisfied with the success.

When the weight is simply not coming off everywhere, there are areas of the body that need help to shrink. Note: Coolsculpting is not a weight loss procedure. It will not produce the same kinds of results that are associated with invasive procedures like gastric bypass surgery. CoolSculpting works with a person’s body causing fat cells to die which are then eliminated naturally from the body.

What are the areas that are affected by the CoolSculpting procedure?

  • Thighs and Hips
  • Abdomen and Buttocks
  • Back and Knees
  • Chin

How does this work?

Fat cells are targeted for treatment. In a controlled procedure, the fat cells are frozen – effectively killed – and when naturally eliminated from the body, they are gone forever. This isn’t just weight loss, it’s fat cell removal in a non-invasive procedure.

How long is the recovery time?

There is no recovery time. This is a non-invasive process, using cooling methods focused on the problem areas. There is no surgery.

Commitment to excellent service

Coolsculpting in Gold Coast strives to help our patients regain the self-esteem that is lost when diets and exercise just don’t meet their weight loss goals. We work with our patients over a series of treatments, and as the fat cells die and are eliminated, the long-term results can be seen. We strive to help our clients reach new heights of freedom from the disappointment of stubborn fat. We offer solutions to the problems our patients have when they are stuck on a plateau stopping them from weight loss.

Moreover, we totally understand the frustrations you have when the expectations of a perfect body are not met according to the desired duration as promised by our competitors. Coolsculpting in Gold Coast don’t only walk the talk but also commit lifetime services to valued clients. More than the amount paid for the services rendered is respect for the client’s preferences and future decisions. Results on coolsculpting can never be dictated or predicted; instead, it’s the client’s decision making that will totally yield the positive outcome of every procedure made.


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