Chermside Dentists: Dental facts your dentist wished you knew


A visit to the dentist is often the last thing on people’s minds. They are only forced to go to the dentist if and when they suffer from a tooth ache. Other than that no one really bothers ever. Besides who has the time. You look after your teeth by brushing twice daily and occasionally flossing as well. While teeth need to be clean for aesthetic reasons. It’s necessary for oral health as well.

The following are a few dental facts every dentist wishes their patient should be aware of, these include

  • Teeth should be brushed twice daily for three minutes each time. This would help get rid of the buildup and prevent plaque from appearing on the teeth. Plus one shouldn’t forget to replace their toothbrush every three months.
  • While brushing your teeth you shouldn’t forget to brush your tongue too. Bacteria thrive on the tongue because of the residue left over by the food. This is also the number one reason why people suffer from bad breath. They are puled that despite brushing their teeth regularly they still have bad breath. It’s simply because they forget to brush their tongue too.
  • Flossing your teeth is just as important. Most people consider flossing to be not such an important part of dental hygiene. Flossing can get rid of the plaque which normally accumulates in those hard to reach areas. In fact flossing is way more effective than using a mouthwash.

  • People should avoid eating foods which contain too much sugar and this includes fruits as well. While fruits re generally considered healthy, these too contain some amount of sugar. Instead of consuming large amounts of fruits make sure you practice moderation.
  • Use dental products which contain fluoride and phosphopeptide. These are helpful in protecting the teeth enamel and helps keep teeth strong. Since the enamel is strengthened it is less susceptible to acid buildup in the mouth.
  • Don’t go overboard with whitening treatments. While charcoal can actually help whiten teeth, it can be a bit abrasive and can loosen the enamel if used too often.
  • Build up on hydration. Drinking water is just as important for oral health as it is for the whole body. So make sure you drink up more than the recommended one and half liters of water per day. It can prevent the mouth from becoming dry. The saliva in the mouth acts like an oral antiseptic helping get rid of the bacteria and keeping the mouth germ free.
  • Smoking can be detrimental to health. It can result in ulcer of the oral cavity which is considered the number one reason for cancer of the mouth. It can also stain the teeth and render them looking unaesthetic.
  • Regular checkups are necessary. A visit to the dentist twice a year is mandatory if you want to maintain goo oral health. Usually dental issues are simple to treat if caught earlier on. This is only possible if you are regular in your visits to the dentist, so find a dentist in Chermside.



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