Bid Farewell to Backache


If you don’t already know, you may have heard of the word ‘chiropractor’ from a colleague mentioning how they saw one recently or maybe online on a forum where people claim to be magically cured by one. Chiropractors are becoming increasingly popular in the non-medical field and among people with their addictive treatment videos taking the internet by storm.

They are described as non-medical practitioners that follow alternative medicine to heal the body mainly through spinal manipulation and re-alignment. Although today there are thousands of chiropractors with their difference of belief and practice, the majority believe that diseases of the human body can be cured by spinal re-alignment. They explain this statement by a theory that without the correction of the vertebral subluxation (flawed posture and alignment of the neck and spine) nerves running through the spine are pinched and thus affect the organ that it leads to. Their practice involves focus on the musculoskeletal system and hand maneuvers that carry out the re-positioning they strongly believe is needed to aid the patient. As a result, they do not resort to surgery or medicine and rely on teachings from the founder of Chiropractic, Daniel David Palmer, also known as D.D Palmer for short.

Broadly subdividing Chiropractors there are two types: the Straights and the Mixers. As the name suggests the Straights are those Chiropractors that strictly follow the steps and teachings taught by D.D Palmer. They do not incorporate any other notion into their practice and carry the same belief system that originally started the Chiropractic practice.

Mixers on the other hand take the original practice and ‘mix’ it with medical knowledge and related fields to diagnose and treat such ailments. Apart from manipulation by hand they also offer other treatments such as herbal remedies, stretching and massaging; mimicking physiotherapy and many more depending on the Chiropractor. Mixers are more common and in greater numbers than Straights as the practice can be found abundantly being carried out in the United States as well as Australia.

Chiropractors in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, claim to cure and rid chronic lower back issues, asthma and multiple types of back and neck problems. Their treatments often pass with a very satisfying ‘click’ of the joints when re-positioning; a noise that has people on the internet wanting to see more and has gained the practice more popularity.

Although there is no scientific backing to Chiropractic practice and it is labelled pseudoscientific, claiming to be dangerous to people in some odd cases, there are numerous people telling their personal experiences and saying otherwise. A lot of people are now firm believers that alternative medicine like Chiropractors are essential for overall healthcare and find the non-medical affiliation convenient.

Chiropractors in Hobart with their steady hands and years of experience can erase back pain embedded in patients that was previously thought too stubborn to cure. Many regular clients will assure you that a monthly visit to the chiropractor keeps them in good shape and functional.

Find chiropractors located in Hobart because they just might change the way you look at medicine and in-turn change your life.



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