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The DAA Conference Management Committee would like to thank the delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors for their participation at the DAA’s 34th National Conference in Hobart.

We hope you enjoyed the Conference and look forward to welcoming you to DAA 2018 which will be held in Sydney.




VarithaMessage from the DAA 2017 Chair, Varitha Kinghorn

The Dietitians Association of Australia invites you to Tasmania for the 34th National Conference in Hobart from 18 – 20 May 2017.

This Conference offers an exciting and rigorous scientific program that critiques the evidence and challenges all to reach new standards of excellence in nutrition and dietetics.

Three plenary themes – Nutrition Economics, Future Nutrition in Clinical Practice and Marketing and Nutrition Communication Debate – will showcase outstanding keynote speakers.

The Hobart Conference will be a game-changer when it comes to concurrent presentations. We introduce two new, innovative and mold-breaking presentations styles, which inspire creativity in concurrent presenters and spellbinding attention in listeners: Tabletop conversations (or Speed Geeking) and PechaKucha (Japanese for chatter).

The city of Hobart is breathtakingly picturesque with an emerging eclectic culture influenced by vibrant local food, music and theatre industries and a world class museum of old and new art, MONA.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hobart for the Dietitians Association of Australia 34th National Conference!

Conference Management Committee 2017
Claire Hewat – Chief Executive Officer, DAA
Varitha Kinghorn –  DAA Conference 2017 Chair
Carolyn Jamieson – Operations Support Officer, DAA
Natalie Latham – Marketing & Partnerships Senior Dietitian, DAA 
Gabrielle O’Kane – Director Responsible to the CMC membership
Margaret Allman-Farinelli – DAA Conference 2018 Chair

DAA 2017 Scientific and Social Program Committee Members
Susan Ash
Glenn Cardwell
Helen Cheng
Clare Collins
Lauren Farquhar
Skye Marshall
Natasha Meerding
Sandra Murray
Yasmine Probst
Rose Romeo
Nicole Saxby
Judith Seal
Jean Symes
Katie Taylor
Varitha Kinghorn – Chair

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